C++ Program

Windows C++ programming

Why to program?

It’s possible to find free or buy ready programs which can do whatever we want. But not everything and as a rule not the way we want it. We don’t have control over them, we cannot change programs without being able to program and having its source code.

Windows C++ programming options

This site is about C++ syntax, semantics, ideas about which C++ compiler is the best, source code etc. Here you can find some tutorials.

Programming under Linux looks more interesting. But there is a problem. Some programs exist only for Windows operating system. Most computer users use Windows operating system. Number of Linux users is growing, but not very fast. Therefore creating programs in C++ for Windows is a great help.

C++ is the most versatile and powerful programming language. Learning C++ greatly facilitates learning other C-like programming languages in the future. For example studying PHP, Java, JavaScript and other languages is much easier after C++. C++ is not the easiest language. But learning easier languages first is like eating ice-cream before dinner.

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