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Originally Dev-C++ was created by Colin Laplace and several other programmers. It’s written in Delphi, it’s free and open source, for Windows only. The last version Dev-C++ was issued several years ago. Then it was no longer supported, officially from 2006 on as was stated by Colin Laplace himself.

In spite that fact Dev-C++ remains one of the most popular C++ compilers for Windows. Several factors contributed to that.

Dev-Cpp or Dev-C++ interface

Dev-C++ interface

 It is very easy to download, install and use. It’s not necessary to tune anything because its main purpose is straightforward programming in C++ under Windows. Everything is very simple. It can be called a “lazy” compiler because it doesn’t require any efforts from the user. Here is the Dev-C++ installation example.

It was discontinued. This is its main drawback. Nevertheless other developers continued improving this project. And as a result several new versions were created and are available for download, among them versions, 5.3.0 etc. All of them are called Orwell Dev-C++ compiler and they are currently regularly updated by another team of programmers than the one which was developing Dev-C++ up to version

The most interesting feature of this C++ compiler or rather IDE is the fact that it has portable editions. That makes everything even simpler. It must be mentioned that not all portable versions of Dev-C++ are 100% portable. They sometimes have small portability bugs. That is pretty typical for all free programs. And it’s not really a problem.

Here is an example of using Dev-Cpp to compile the simplest CPP Hello World program.

There is one more branch of contemporary Dev-C++ development, it’s called wxDev-C++.

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