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Learning computer programming can be done in different ways, very many ways in fact. One of them is learning by C++ tutorials. The most important is to get real result as soon as possible. The sooner one gets some useful outcome from his toil the more he gets encouraged and inspired. And inspiration is inalienable part of creativity. Writing computer programs is pure creativity.

Let’s set a goal. Let it be a file browser. Most programs interact with 3 important aspects of human-computer collaboration. They are user, hard drive and the Internet, the Global Brain. Here we have a C++ File Browser Tutorial. It contains a step by step tutorial to create a File Browser for Windows. The program will use Win32 API. It will consist of 4 parts:

Windows GUI to interact with the user

LISTBOX window or rather sub window to browse hard drive, HDD

Rich Edit Control window to see text, loaded from files using previous window

And finally a class to use Windows sockets

The reason to do it step by step is to create several templates which can be modified later.

Well… that is quite a goal.

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