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C++ Time Under Windows Examples

Using time is very important in programming. For convenience reasons it’s better to divide all C++ time manipulations in Windows in two groups: console programs and GUI programs. They use similar interchanging functions and methods. C++ time program examples in Windows are a very good coding exercises and in due time they are can be used in other programs. The main idea of programming is creating expandable programs which can be modified any time and adjusted to different everyday needs arising when working with computer professionally.

Apparently console time management in Windows C++ program examples are in many situations better for illustrative purposes. They are way smaller; they are easily portable into different operating systems. Actually portable are the once which use standard C time functions and structures, those, which are defined in time.h header file.

They can be recommended for teachers, beginner programmers and when someone needs to do some program fast. Their main difference is they don’t require Windows GUI. Another use is checking functionality of different functions. Sometimes it is very helpful to split a big program in small ones. That kind of exercises is similar to refactoring. It provides a better understanding, makes learning C++ in Windows more simple. Because programming to a big extent is just moving pieces of code from one program to another, like building different construction with Lego construction set.

On the other hand GUI programs are fully fledged windows programs which are easier to use. A drawback is that without enough knowledge of GUI the can be difficult to code and compile. For beginners GUI program examples look scary. In reality it just a first impression which easily fades away after couple of successful attempts to create Windows GUI programs.

Time program examples in C++ can be recommended as first coding exercises. Time is needed for testing tasks and creating real time programs. Special interest can have programs working with Internet in real time.

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