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C++ Programming In General

Let’s start with the idea that C++ programming is very difficult. Well, everything is relative. Lot of people considers Chinese language a very difficult one. But why then most people on the planet speak Chinese?

All depends on the personal mindset. To some people C++ is complicated and obscure. To others it is the best computer language in the world of programming.

The truth must be said, it is complicated. But it doesn’t mean it is difficult for learning. It is not, because its complexity is well structured. Beginners can learn simple parts of C++ first. For example they can avoid classes and study just C for the beginning. C is basically a programming language C++, but without classes. Like with all other languages they can start programming right away and create some useful programs the first day of learning.

And secondly C++ complexity means that one can study it probably all life, perfecting his skills, discovering more and more interesting aspects of C++ programming language consecutively. And every new aspect is a new capability opening a new way of creating better code. C++ code can really be breathtakingly beautiful.

We started with the complicacy of C++, and now we are just beginning to realize that that complicacy is the most valuable feature of C++. After C++ was created and put to work, several other computer languages started to stem from C++. Let’s name the following (there is more of them):




Objective C


C was created before C++.

All those C++-based computer languages are very extensively used, especially on Internet. To a big extent one can build dynamic site only using PHP. The trick is that after learning C++ getting learned its descending child languages like PHP is a piece of cake. If you got leaned C++ it means you will have no problem with the rest of them.

Because C++ is a result of long evolution of developing computer languages, is its apex, it contains features typical for the lowest level computer languages, like Assembly language, and highest level computer languages. The first feature means that we can write the fastest and the shortest programs possible. The second feature means that we can write formidably complicated programs with just few lines of code. All this is due to developed libraries, of course.

Information pertaining to CPP, that is C++ programming language history can be found in the page C++ programming language history, which is quite edifying and useful for further understanding the specific features of C plus plus. Historical view sometime works out better than most educational methods.

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