C++ Program

C++ Hello World Compiling

Compiling C++ Hello World program example with Dev-C++ is quite simple. Here is a step by step tutorial how to do it. Let’s start devcppPortable.exe and choose from the top menu File > New > Project. Then we get a window with settings for our new project. The window looks like this:

C++ Program

C++ Programming In General

Let’s start with the idea that C++ programming is very difficult. Well, everything is relative. Lot of people considers Chinese language a very difficult one. But why then most people on the planet speak Chinese? All depends on the personal mindset. To some people C++ is complicated and obscure. To others it is the best… Read More C++ Programming In General

Computer Programming

Notepad++ Regular Expressions Rules And Samples

Several different types of Regular Expressions, or short Regex = Regular Expressions, exist in different applications. Notepad++ uses PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) type of Regex. Notepadpp (Notepad++) uses slightly different syntax. Along with simple editing tasks Notepad++ contains Regular Expressions plugins. In fact it has two such plugins, for simple and more advanced tasks.… Read More Notepad++ Regular Expressions Rules And Samples

C++ Program

C++ compilation

Generally speaking compiling is a process of converting human understandable code into machine code. In reality this process is language specific. C++ compilation interacts with the operating systems rather than with processor itself. For example assembly language works mostly with processor. One of the main advantages of C++ is possibility to use assembly language. Using… Read More C++ compilation

C++ Program


Originally Dev-C++ was created by Colin Laplace and several other programmers. It’s written in Delphi, it’s free and open source, for Windows only. The last version Dev-C++ was issued several years ago. Then it was no longer supported, officially from 2006 on as was stated by Colin Laplace himself. In spite that fact Dev-C++… Read More Dev-C++